08.03.2020, 19:30

arkaoda - Oneironautics I. What lays there in the deep

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What lays there in the deep is a kind of new music, a kind of dance, a kind of trance, so rarely materialised. Oneironautics is the ability to travel consciously within a dream. We all dream, and we do so every single night. So what do we see, when we take a deep dive into the swaying waters of the subconscious? How do our representations of submarine worlds weave in our fearful narratives of madness, irrationality, and death?

Oneironautics is a bridge: between the world of dreams and waking life, between experimental electronics and sounds of the submarine world. It questions sound as a cultural system – as a system of symbols that can only evoke unanswered questions. An hommage to Suzanne Ciani's dedication for moving sounds, an aesthetic quest for different harmonies, a gathering of primitive and futuristic images.

For this first edition of Oneironautics, VAGUEMENT ENSEMBLE reunites two experimental electronic artists (Farah Hazim and Diane Barbé) with two vocalists (Celia Stroom and Sibi Abhimanue). Together with czech light designer Tereza Bartůňková, they paint an submerged environment using an 8-point soundsystem, light landscapes and aquatic installations. For the first time ever, Laure Boer and Wissam Sader create a spatialized live set using acoustic instruments and electronics, bringing us into a trance that will be soothed by the serene vibrations of Pina Rücker (Kosmosklang)'s subtle composition on quartz glass bowls.

Oneironautics ist eine Veranstaltung für elektroakustische Musik. Der Titel der Serie bezieht sich auf die Fähigkeit, bewusst in einem Traum zu reisen... Mit dem Vaguement-Ensemble, wir bringen experimentelle elektronische Künstler mit akustischen Musikern und Opernsängern zusammen, um eine neue Form der Performance und der Klangräumlichkeit vorzuschlagen. Mit einem 8-Punkt Surround-Soundsystem kreieren die Künstler eine räumliche “Oper” von langer Dauer.
Die experimentellen Musiker Laure Boer & Wissam Sader arbeiten zum ersten Mal zusammen, um ein quadraphonisches Live-Set zu erstellen.
Schließlich wird die Leipziger Musikerin Pina Rücker ein hypnotisches Konzert der Kristallklangschalen geben. Diese meditative Erfahrung wird durch die Zusammenarbeit mit der tschechischen Lichtkünstlerin und Stagedesignerin Tereza Bartůňková erweitert.


• Kosmosklang (quartz crystal soundbath)
• Laure Boer & Wissam Sader (quadraphonic live set)
• VAGUEMENT ENSEMBLE (light & sound polyphones with Sibi Abhimanue, Diane Barbé, Farah Hazim & Celia Stroom)

Concept : Diane Barbé
Light creation : Teres Bartůňková
Video : Cynthia-ël
Art Installation : Celia Stroom

Sunday 8 March 2020
Arkaoda Berlin
Entrance 8 euros


VAGUEMENT ENSEMBLE - light and sound polyphonies
with Sibi Abhimanue, Diane Barbé, Farah Hazim, Celia Stroom and Tereza Bartůňková.
Voices. Repeated electronically. Repeated electronically. Repeated electronically. Who sang? Beams of light passing through water, dancing on the walls of the cave. VAGUEMENT ENSEMBLE works together to explore the dreams and lives contained in water, the images that sway softly like ideas floating in a soul. The world is doubled. Birds swim and fish fly. VAGUEMENT sees the meeting of dualities and the strange association of substances. Célia Stroom is a visual artist (multisensory installations) and versatile vocalist (opera singing, atonal compositions and ancient polyphonies; Sibi Abhimanue comes from classical hindustani and sufi traditions. Their organic vocalisations are plunged in various baths, rendered unrecognizable, just familiar enough. Farah Hazim, a french-lebanese intermedia artist interested in psychoacoustics and hauntology, cooks with Diane Barbé, a french soundscape composer and researcher.

Through sustained tones and microtonal metamorphosis, inspired by the works of La Monte Young and Pandit Pran Nath, as well as Eliane Radigue and Meredith Monk, the Ensemble dreams of buoyancy, floating between different states of consciousness, fishing for dreams and metaphores in the swell.

Quadraphonic live set by Laure Boer & Wissam Sader

Wissam Sader is a self-taught Lebanese artist who deals with experimental music and improvised forms of sound art. In February, he was invited at the Stockholm Electronic Music Studio to work on multiple-speaker array spatialisations and will bring some of this knowledge to the showcase. Laure Boer, who recently finished the Amplify residency with musicologist and mystic Rabih Beainih, deals with witchtronics and hypnotic music. Together, working with zithers and telephones, drones and sampling, they weave a subtle piece and take you inside their dreams.

Quartz bowl soundbath by Kosmosklang (Pina Rücker)

As a sound architect, Pina Bettina Rücker has been researching the possible uses of crystal bowls as a musical instrument, their three-dimensional effect as a spatial sound instrument and the humanly comprehensible dimensions of space and time on stage for 10 years. The quartz glass bowls are manufactured as silica glass crucibles in order to grow silicon mono crystals for the semiconductor industry. Pina Rücker has set herself the task of making her fascinating sounds known to a wider public - amorphous surround sound installations based on an amorphous solid - quartz glass sounds.

Gefördert vom Musikfonds e. V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.