17.10.2021, 13:00

arkaoda - Sintesi #01: E/Tape ° Ross Alexander ° Surprise guest

Flyer für: arkaoda - Sintesi #01: E/Tape ° Ross Alexander ° Surprise guest
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Recordat: Radiocircolo ° ( parentesi )

Sintesi #01

Recordat & Radiocircolo present a series of sound and food sessions where several musicians and sound artists are invited to create a sonic narrative while having some of the finest vegetarian cuisine prepared by ( parentesi ).
The whole session will be live streamed on Radio Alhara.

Sound from 21:00 till 03:00

Ross Alexander
Surprise guest

Ross Alexander


Surprise guest

Kitchen from 13:00 till 22:00

( parentesi )


Goat cheese* crouton w/ chives, mixed salad, horseradish dressing, raspberries
*Vegan option available: Miso-cashews crouton

Roasted pumpkin velouté, burned leek, glazed mushrooms, baked garlic bread

Marinated gratin aubergine, sweet spices carrot puré, crunchy chickpeas

Chocolate mousse, candied blood oranges, raw cacao, crumble

Artisanal bread w/ Italian organic olive oil (for two)

( )


Radiocircolo is a cosmic multidisciplinary collective based in Rome and Berlin. We believe in music as unity, a form of artistic resistance vehicle of aggregation and discovery in a non-ordinary reality.
FB: radiocircolo


Recordat is a sound platform for artists who shares a profound love and appreciation for sound and an ever-evolving quest to challenge their current realities, individually and collectively.
Recordat is a radio program on radio alHara every other Sunday, a series of recording sessions and sonic performances.
IG: @recordat_
FB: recordat

Radio alHara is a radio based in Bethlehem, Ramallah and Amman. Launched during a global lockdown crisis, it encompasses the idea of a public space. The radio hosts musical sets, conversations, recordings, discussions, and its main aim is to blend the limits between producers and listeners.
IG: @radioalhara
FB: radioalhara

( parentesi ) is a suspended moment where gastronomy, music, art and conscious consumption create a stimulating dialogue.
Food as a form of cultural connection, discovery and constant
exchange. Available for tailor-made catering services, cooking workshops, consultancies or hosting itinerant private events, our professionally trained Italian chef is in activity for more than a decade,
having worked in several Michelin starred restaurants across Europe.
IG parentesi.berlin

Entry to Arkaoda Berlin is possible according to the 2G rule: vaccinated or recovered.
Please bring presentation of personal ID and a certificate of full vaccination.
10€ door sale
Thank you