19.11.2021, 22:30

arkaoda - Futura Sound Observations: Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes - Fantastic Twins - Jacopo

Flyer für: arkaoda - Futura Sound Observations: Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes - Fantastic Twins - Jacopo
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Start: 22:30

futura sound observations- is about diving into a sound experience. In this session, Fantastic Twins , Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes, and Jacopo will delight and surprise us with an uncommon music selection. This time we have a special guest, Sami Zibak will be giving Tarot readings for the first hours.

22:30 - 1:00 Fantastic Twins
1:00 - 2:00 Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes (Live)
2:00 - 5:00 Jacopo

Fantastic Twins (Optimo Music)

Julienne Dessagne is the mastermind behind Fantastic Twins. The Berlin-based French producer, live performing artist and label owner has been fully immersed in the world of electronic music ever since her baptism into the fold at Glasgow’s legendary Optimo Espacio nights.

Having begun her solo project under the name The Twins in 2013 before evolving into Fantastic Twins in 2017, Dessagne has assembled a mighty catalogue, having been invited to appear on such illustrious labels as Optimo Music, Hippie Dance and Kompakt. She’s also contributed to two volumes of the respected Weaponise Your Sound series that showcases women producers.

While her solo work represents the cornerstone of her output, Dessagne has proven herself an in-demand collaborator, having worked her magic with artists such as Smagghe & Cross, Cosmo Vitelli, Pachanga Boys and Golden Bug. She’s also remixed the likes of The Golden Filter, C.A.R. and Rebodello. This symbiotic spirit extends to her own Microdosing label, which she launched in 2019 with a series of compilations featuring mind-expanding tracks from kindred spirits such as Autarkic, Gilb’R and Manfredas.


Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes (MX)

Camille Mandoki & Gibrana Cervantes (Mexico) have been collaborating together since 2016. Joined with Concepcion Huerta and Mabe Fratti, they officially formed their band- Amor Muere, in 2018- though their work together spreads beyond the implications one could expect of their official collaborations. Gibrana and Camille have been living in Zoncuantla, Veracruz since the beginning of the pandemic and- in their own tradition- will be accompanying each other in the compositions and sensations that have sprouted from their individual processes, since March 2020.

Camille Mandoki is a Composer, producer, vocalist and performer from Mexico City. In Camille Mandoki’s strange, uncategorizable compositions, the Mexican singer and sound artist explores the wildest shores of catharsis. Her palette ranges from stumbling, decaying fairground music to menacing flurries of percussion; on her 2016 debut album, We Used to Talk for Hours, Mandoki used her voice as an instrument of choral beauty, but over the next two years began to bend it into warped shapes on cuts like “Priscilla Drums” and “Failure (Sound of an Animal)”. Confrontational in both modes, Mandoki’s drive to push the outer limits of her vocals can be reminiscent of Diamanda Galás and Lydia Lunch, though as a performer, her work is entirely unique.

Gibrana Cervantes is a Mexican violinist and improviser. As a classically trained musician, she takes on a melodic and experimental style that can be heard in Amor Muere and Vyctoria projects where she is a founding member. Individually, she has focused her work as a violinist on sound processing to use noise as a compositional tool, mixing atmosphere with melody. She is the founder and curator of the sound gallery 316centro, a space focused on bringing to light the different manifestations of sound art that mark musical life in Mexico City. Currently she has focused her work on cloud forest bioacoustics applying extended techniques of the violin, manipulating with electronic elements and the composition of her first solo album.

Jacopo (Midgar Records)
Jacopo is an Italian-born Berlin-based artist, manager and main curator of Midgar Records. Jacopo founded Midgar in 2014, embracing a wide range of interests spanning from idm, ambient and psychedelic techno, aimed to bring a meaningful sound to the listener, loaded with positive energy. During his sets, Jacopo carries the knowledge and experience gained through almost 2 decades behind the decks, building momentum with a constant flow of intricate transitions between genres.


Personal Tarot Readings with Sami Zibak
"Tarot is an art - and just as how music at the right moment can inspire and alter your perception, same does the images and symbols upon the cards. When encountering these mystic visuals of the Tarot, the mind starts questioning and a movement begins." - Sami Zibak
Duration: 20 min
Cost: 10 Euro

tarot website: https://samizibak.org/A-Tarot-Conversation
tarot Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samizibak/

NOTE: For appointments please DM on IG: https://www.instagram.com/samizibak/

Current 2G regulations apply in the club area - please bring a vaccination QR code or proof of recovery.

This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR

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