23.04.2022, 22:00

arkaoda - YOUTH x arkaoda: DJ Lyster + Iueke + Marylou

Flyer für: arkaoda - YOUTH x arkaoda: DJ Lyster + Iueke + Marylou
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"Label boss DJ Lyster invites two of his favourite’s to play alongside him for the first YOUTH night in Berlin @ arkaoda.
Techno légende and Paris fashion icon Iueke who’s tracks ‘Garbage Music’ and ‘Ewt’ feature on YOUTH’s ‘Sports’ releases.
Completing the lineup is another Parisian who now resides in Berlin, killer DJ / selector Marylou. Santé!"

DJ Lyster:
Over the past decade, Andrew Lyster has quietly gained a reputation as one of Manchester’s most esteemed DJs and label owners. As one of the team behind the cult club night meandyou., Lyster was responsible for early UK bookings of cult artists such as Frak, Kassem Mosse and Rezzett, cultivating his own style as a selector that leans towards foggy techno, 5am ambient and abstract dub frequencies.

Since 2017, Lyster has been the driving force behind YOUTH, a label whose output of scuzzy electronics and downbeat techno sits in an alternate musical universe. It’s a zone where likeminded artists such as Sockethead, FUMU and Shamos exist alongside the Transatlantic experimentation of Sharp Veins, Georgia and Bryce Hackford, a place that’s refreshingly removed from prevailing trends.

Lyster’s DJ sets and occasional radio appearances share the same exploratory spirit, looking between the cracks for sounds, artists and moods that elude many other selectors.

Parisian producer and Antinote label founder Gwen Jamois - better known as Iueke has been playing music for more than 20 years, creating sounds for underground parties, raves and ragers, which have led to collabs with Aphex Twin and label Antinote. His musical style explores a diverse selection of genres, morphing ambient & dub-reggae with the more experimental side of club music.

She became a resident on Rinse france where she hosts from then a monthly radioshow , bringing a wide choice of guests like Dj Pete, Don’t dj, Phuong Dan, Rabih Beaini, Hieroglyphic being, Mike Cooper, YPY, just to name a few, together around her irreproachable selections.
It’s under her name that she opens the nets of her vast collection of records and sound crops, weaving her delicate mesh in between traditional music, bass ,noise detonations, cloudy waters of psychedelic dubs or sinuous paths of improvised music and electronic avant-garde.