05.12.2018, 20:00

arkaoda - Miasmah + Sonic Pieces present: Clarice Jensen & Rauelsson

Flyer für: arkaoda - Miasmah + Sonic Pieces present: Clarice Jensen & Rauelsson
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Rrose Sélavy presents : Miasmah & Sonic Pieces end of year concerts


Clarice Jensen w/ Jonathan Turner (visuals)
Rauelsson w/ Christoph Berg (violin) + Tatu Rönkkö (percussion)


Monique Recknagel (Sonic Pieces)
Erik K Skodvin (Miasmah)
Jasmine Guffond (Sonic Pieces)


Clarice Jensen is the artistic director of ACME, the American Contemporary Music Ensemble. She has for years collaborated with Jóhann Jóhannsson, Stars of the Lid, Owen Pallett, Max Richter, and numerous others. She released her debut album “For this from that will be filled” on Miasmah recordings early 2018. This is her second live appearance in Berlin and will be accompanied by visual artist Jonathan Turner for an A/V performance.

Rauelsson comes fresh off two new releases on Sonic Pieces in 2018. His newest album “Mirall” continues the lush landscapes of Vora (2013) while moving his sound into a feast of organic beats and textural dynamism. Before this he just co-scored the Danish film “Darling” together with Erik K Skodvin. This is a chance to catch one of Raúl´s rare live performances, which will be accompanied by Christoph Berg on violin & Tatu Rönkkö on percussion.


Doors 20:00 - 12€ (just door - no presages)