21.03.2019, 21:00

arkaoda - Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics III

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Transferans präsentiert: Istanbul Electronics III. Eine Nacht voller experimenteller elektronischer Musik, die die Sichtweise auf die aktuelle türkische Musikszene erweitern wird.

Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics III feat. Exitpink, Okay Vivian, Fezayafirar, Permanent Red, Seretan

Transferans presents: “Istanbul Electronics III”, the night with full of leftfield experimental electronic music that stretch your knowledge about Turkey’s current music scene! Transferans Rec: “Istanbul Electronics” takes place with performances of exitpink, Okay Vivian, Permanent Red, Seretan and Alessandro Corrà at arkaoda Berlin. Running from 8 PM on March 21st until at least after midnight, the event will feature live and dj set performances from five projects on different floors of Arkaoda. You are invited to a one-day electronic music event to listen fresh, rare and even unreleased tracks from Istanbul underground electronic music scene curated by Istanbul label!

Live Stage
21:30 Fezayafirar w/ Permanent Red
22:30 Okay Vivian
23:30 exitpink

DJ Booth (21:00, 22:30, 23:00)
Seretan w/Permanent Red

Permanent Red (Ebru Turgul)

Upper floor
20:00 Transferans DJ Set w/ Alessandro Corrà

Entrance Fee: 5 Euro

Live Stage

exitpink (Ankara/Istanbul)

exitpink is a personal sound/music project consisting chaos and aesthetics / anti-aesthetics that was born due to daily irregularities and nausea.

Okay Vivian (Ankara/Istanbul)

Okay Vivian creates a fragile, hypnotizing atmosphere by merging and manipulating heavy beats, scattered vocals, breaths and whispers; drawing inspiration from strewn memories of secrets, subversive relationships and wild plants that cannot move but can bend and twist.


Fezayafirar is an experimental electronic duo formed in 2012 in Istanbul, currently based in Zurich and Berlin. It takes its name from one of the first science-fiction novels from Turkey which translates as "retreat to outer space". It likes to combine analog electronics, acoustic and DIY instruments, and does memoryless live synthesis experiments in the direction of industrial drone- and rhythmscapes.


Permanent Red (Milano/Istanbul)

Permanent Red (Ebru Turgul) is a visual designer/ artist who combines digital and analog techniques in her works. She is exploring new forms of performance media. In this visual performance is conducted overhead projector with bubbles, dots and patterns interpreted transparencies. The performance is positioned by hand analogically to create optical illusions.

Like any sound obsessive, Özcan Ertek splits his time between a number of different projects. At the top of the list are Eno-inspired ambient explorations under his Soundcollage moniker, as well as the experimental electronic music he makes under the name Seretan. From minimalist ambience to larger-than-life melodicism: Turkey’s sonic explorer Seretan will play b2b DJ set with Plastic Dreams resident Su Baykal!

Upper Floor
Transferans DJ Set w/ Alessandro Corrà (Verona/Berlin)

Italians do it darker! A new breed of Italian DJs/producers are following in the footsteps of Italian’s wave of signature hypnotic sound. Verona born/Berlin based DJ Alessandro Corra’s sets also looks for special transcendental moments that can be created through electronic music.