13.10.2019, 23:00

Ava - Sonntagsklub

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13 Oct 2019
23:00 - 10:00

Sonntagsklub invites French In Berlin

Immer wieder Sonntags…
…wird die Karre nochmal angeschmissen und im Kreis gepafft, der Rhythmus in die Luft gezeichnet, und Montags blau gemacht. Oder auch nicht. Minimale Deeptechno Houseschnitten mit Rummsmarmelade à la carte und noch viel mehr von ...

Line-up /

French In Berlin

Dr Double U


Andreas König

Art performance by :


Sonntagsklub : "Between dark and light"

A brand new partyconcept to enlighten your Sunday night clubbing experience in Berlin!
Hosted and promoted by Techno Jesus and Dr Double U, who are both constantly touring and keeping their eyes and ears open to discover talents in all different scenes all over the globe...

They garantee to bring local and international talents to your ears!
Come and discover the world's most hidden treasures just around your corner...


French In Berlin :

Born in South France, ​​French In Berlin is part of the new sound wave of the electronic scene of France. ​​ Fleeing stereotypes and pre-established norms.
FIB starts her musical career in 2017. From her beginnings to the present he has shared a booth with great artists such as Black Coffee, Worakls, N’to, Micheal Mayer and other.
2018 represents a milestone in his career with the release of the dropping his first Ep's and entering with them in the top 100 of Beatport. Until now, it has already been published on Carton-PAT Records, Superordinate Music, Plethora Muzik, Polyptych Records.
This passionate artist, tends to open towards sounds more and more dark and lunar.
The constant development in her stand the passion that his performances distill, are some of the characteristics that make French In Berlin one of the most established emerging figures of the current scene.