25.08.2019, 23:00

Ava - Sonntagsklub

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25 August 2019
23:00 - ??

Immer wieder Sonntags…
…wird die Karre nochmal angeschmissen und im Kreis gepafft, der Rhythmus in die Luft gezeichnet, und Montags blau gemacht. Oder auch nicht. Minimale Deeptechno Houseschnitten mit Rummsmarmelade à la carte und noch viel mehr von ...

"Between dark and light"

A brand new party concept to enlighten your Sunday night clubbing experience in Berlin!

Hosted and promoted by Techno Jesus and Dr Double U, who are both constantly touring and keeping their eyes and ears open to discover talents in all different scenes all over the globe...

Expect a perfect mix between melodic and pounding techno, flavoured with trippy catchy vocals and elements for a truly unique sound!

They guarantee to bring local and international talents to your ears!
Come and discover the world's most hidden treasures just around your corner...

Line Up :

Lino Fuso LIVE (Endless Records)

Techno Jesus

Dr Double U b2b Heretix

Special dance performance by Leeloo Stargazer


About the artists:



Lino Fuso was born in Naples, Italy. He cultivated a passion for electronic and techno music since he has been a child.
He started djing at the age of 13.
Lino Fuso being part of Digiwaves has collaborated and played with techno dj's and producers from all over the Globe: Dj Rush, Marco Bailey, Markantonio, Umek, James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Marco Nastic, Pet duo, Valentino Kanzyani, Brenda Russel, Sebastian Russel,Leon Gaetano Parisio, Luca Iadi, Andrea Jacobsthal, Massimo Abbate, Giuseppe Mascia.

Also he played for 4 years with the ‘’International talent’’, the most notable organization of techno eventS in Italy.
Lino Fuso IS in the Digiwaves Project playing electronics drums and analogic synthesizer’s live.




One of the driving forces and resident DJ's behind Sonntagsklub, Section 8, Fourplay and many other events all over Berlin needs no further introduction.
A charismatic DJ who translates this in his pounding techno Sets.



A French DJ and Producer who moved to Berlin three years ago and is gaining popularity all over Europe with his pounding techno sets and productions.
Played at Kit Kat, Sonntagsklub and Techno Mittwoch at Ava, Polygon and many other amazing events


A Belgian DJ / Producer known from Kit Kat Club released his first tracks this year on Insectum Records and Chrom Recordings and after touring to the USA last year his European credibility is increasing getting him all over the continent.
Expect a mix between pounding melodic deephouse, trippy deep melodic techno, catchy trippy vocals and melodies spice up the mix for an energetic musical adventure.