30.12.2019, 23:00

Ava - Cartel

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Start 23:00h 18+

Cartel Recordings is a digital label, podcast series based on the underground Techno-scene from around the world and event organization based in Berlin.

This time, dance with us day 30.12 non-stop with:

Sancris (Cartel Recordings, Berlin) b2b S.U.A.D (Dejawie, Berlin)
- https://m.

Rademacher (Freiklang, h14, Aachen - Germany)

Maya (Dejawie, Berlin)

SOMA (Berlin)

Funk A Delic (Hauptstadt Records)
- https://facebook.com/kofferboyfunkadelic

Oliver Raumklang (Circular Music)

Dollheuer (Das Deepartment)

Solatic (Das Deepartment)

Absolutely no place for racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminating behavior!

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