15.09.2019, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Red Ember records present: Aktive Funken

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Red Ember Records presents : Aktive Funken at Beate Uwe

The performers: five producers & conspirators from five cities, interlocked by four labels, meet together for the very first time!
Dan Curtin (Metamorphic / Hubplate)
Ewan Jansen (Red Ember / Seekers)
Justin Fairlane Zerbst (Red Ember / Metamorphic / Seekers)
GOIZ (Red Ember / Metamorphic / Open Space)
Alex Picone (Seekers/ SmallBlackDots)

Established in 1996 in Perth, Western Australia, Red Ember Records formed as a personal diary of sorts for Ewan Jansen & Justin Zerbst’s early productions, rather than a grand plan to start a label. Crystalized by faraway US house and German techno influences, it presented a snapshot of coastal life in an isolated city through deep, analog, back-room house and adventuring techno.

20 years after it’s birth, we celebrate Red Ember’s past and ignite the future together with a rare convergence of live presentations by Ewan Jansen and Justin Zerbst along with a vinyl set from current label-mate and Miami electronic savant, Goiz.
Joining us are two towering pillars of influence and friendship to Red Ember and undeniable house & techno legends in their own right; Dan Curtin of Metamorphic Recordings along with Seekers and Small Black Dots distribution conductor Alex Picone who will bookend the proceedings from 11PM till late!

RA event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1314537