20.07.2019, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Nerang Pres/ Nasty King Kurl [Live],Slamb,Nvst,Jacques Torrance

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - Nerang Pres/ Nasty King Kurl [Live],Slamb,Nvst,Jacques Torrance
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Nasty King Kurl [Live]
777 Recordings / Serious Trouble

Nasty King Kurl is a music producer and artist, who recently released on Serious Trouble and 777 Recordings. His musical spectrum reaches from underground electronic club music, new wave and post-punk to HipHop, RnB and Pop. Besides working with Leo Luchini, he’s also working with several other artists on upcoming releases, for example with Magic Island Cant wait for this live set !

Blaq Numbers / Infinite Pleasure
Another Aussie, this time making their European debut. With recent releases on Blaq Numbers, Cliff and Infinite Pleasure, the Sydney sider is already well acquainted within the international scene! His DJ sets are much the same, holding it down in Australia he is the often the one to call upon when international friends are visiting. Playing and collecting records for over 10 years now means a healthy selection in sets. Often playing anything ranging from boogie, house, ukg, electro and techno.

Big Science

Nast Wallace has been at the forefront of Berlins underground since her move here and we are more then excited to be having here for a Nerang invites party with a taste like no other this set is not one to be missed strap your boots on and get it.
Also running Society Call theres alot more coming from Nast through 2019

Jacques Torrance
La Dune / Huntleys + Palmers

Raised on the borders of France, Jacques Torrance is the co-founder of the multi-city based label, La Dune.

Aside from recent appearances on radio stations such as Red Light Radio and Rinse France, Jacques Torrance has been performing across multiple major European cities to share his love for percussion, eclectic rhythms and brokenbeats through his energetic and varied sets.

With past releases on the polish GASP Records and his own imprint and scottish Huntleys + Palmers, he is currently preparing a new EP as he explores a different direction to his past work.

Dj Whipr Snipr
Nerang Recordings / clipp.art

Nerang Recordings head honcho right here. For the past 3 1/2 years, this producer/DJ has been running the label, and putting out releases by Ole Mic Odd, Grey People, and an upcoming 12" by Low Tape. Now based in Berlin for over a year, he has been throwing monthly parties around the city. Eclectic taste is at the forefront of his own productions— ranging from pumping acid to melodic house, and his carefully curated events around the city showcase this diversity in taste.