23.09.2022, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!

Hysteric (Mothball Record)

Rena Volvo (Sua Onda/Automaticamore)
Andrea Zucca (Automaticamore)
Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore)
Hank Clap (Automaticamore / Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)

Beate Uwe

So finally George Hysteric is back at Automaticamore! We were lucky to have Melbourne’s Keeper of the holiest Italo Grails and man behind Mothball Record, several memorable times since that famous night in may 2016, and really couldn't wait to make it happen again. Hysteric’s deliciously trashy, high-strung set will take us again on a tour from Melbourne to Tokyo to Milano to Brussels...

Also we are happy to welcome our new Automaticamore-Family Members, Peeps, Friends, Residents and Long-Time Supporters Rena Volvo and Andrea Zucca; who will bring in some more of their charming Disco-Vibes to every of our future Beate-Uwe-Nights...