24.01.2020, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!
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Frinda di Lanco (Ciao Amore Baci)
Franz Scala (Slow Motion / WRONG ERA)

Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore)
Hank Clap (Automaticamore / Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)
Ilkay (Automaticamore)

Beate Uwe

Moving into a new year (2020, but who's counting?) and Automaticamore's own eighth year in existence (hurray!), we're happy to have two favorite Berlin DJs with us to dance the night away and celebrate!

First-time guest Frida di Lanco, a local Berlinette, is an avid vinyl collector with a taste and an ear for the cheesy and atmospheric. Her Kiste spans a truly eclectic range, from the beachy-Ballearic to sensational 1970s disco treats and heart-rending Italian pop ballads. Having played numerous venues locally as well as abroad, prolific La Lanco will be familiar to anyone who bothered with a Berlin night out in the past year or two, recently debuting the Ciao Amore Bacci night with her italo-skewing friends!

Also on the decks for this frosty January night disco extravaganza is Franz Scala, a talented Berlin powerhouse that manages the daunting crossover from italo to techno and back. Again with us after his first Automaticamore set last year, Scala has released some truly beautiful reedits in the meantime, which you should definitely go check!

As always, Automaticamore reunites its old-time resident buddies Ilkay, Cmd Tulch and Hank Clap, with the non-binding promise of playing Patrizia Pellegrino at least once before the night is out.