25.07.2015, 23:00

Beate Uwe - We are TOFU with Markus Gibb, Disrute, Local Suicide & Sean Patrick

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - We are TOFU with Markus Gibb, Disrute, Local Suicide & Sean Patrick
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We are ⓉⓄⒻⓊ with:

♬ Markus Gibb (Magic Feet / Clouded Vision, Lyon)

♬ Disrute (Power Station, Melbourne)

♬ Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi / T.O.F.U.)

♬ Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

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Our Headliners:

Markus Gibb (Magic Feet / Clouded Vision, Lyon)

Markus Gibb is one of the surprise artists of this year with his solid producer talent churning out hypnotic, throbbing and catchy dark disco tracks that many DJs carry in the red tape section of their record bags. Hailing from Lyon, France, we have asked him to make his way to Berlin for his first ever gig in the German capital. Backed with an ever growing catalog of releases for labels such as Craig Bratley's "Magic Feet" imprint and remixes for hot shots like Gomma's Rodion, this guy has got it going on and is ready to smoke some TOFU with the gang.

Disrute (Power Station, Melbourne)

Disrute was somewhat of a lucky find during Sean Patrick's time in Australia. He played a set at Strawberry Fields Festival directly before Sean took over. Impressed with what he heard, Sean started following this young man, who is still at the start of his career, however already impresses with an exotic and vibrant selection of tunes that flow nicely between Balearica speckled sunshine and dark, dense, dubbed out weirdness. We just had to ask him over because we love fresh talent and he is already being recognized back home with the new founded Melbourne label "Power Station" featuring one his tracks on their upcoming first ever release; courtesy of label owner and Aussie DJ Kris Baha. Let's get down with some TOFU from down under.

The Residents:

Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi/T.O.F.U.)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

Local Suicide and Sean Patrick are the founders of the T.O.F.U. movement and have many years of experience under their belt as DJs, producers, promoters and dance enthusiasts. What brought them together as partners was their shared experience in back-office careers inside the music business. Whether it was Max doing his magic at Mute & Domino Records, Dina floating ideas at PullProxy or Sean Patrick running the bookings at the infamous Cookies Club, they all had been around the block a couple times and have a good take on the what is what and the what is not.

“Together we believe that we can combat the overstimulated, overfed crowds in Berlin that hardly ever show true enthusiasm anymore and create something simple, fun and unpretentious. We want to do away with club nights where people quote each other labels, names and release dates but forget what it is really about: Communication, dancing and fun. If our guests go home with a smile on their face and the knowledge that when they wake up their hangover was worth it - then we have done our jobs right.”

This is where we started and together with YOU we want to find out where it ends.