27.09.2019, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!
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Stefan Burne (CLUB Z1Z1/Paris)
Robot Girl (KitKat/Berlin)

Hank Clap (Automaticamore / Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)
Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore / Patientenfront )
Ilkay (DJ Phade) (Automaticamore)


With everyone back from holidays in the sun (hopefully!) to good ol' Berlino, we’re excited to have Stefan Burne with us, a first-time guest DJ from France. Fresh from sizzling parties by the pool, fluorescent drinks and questionable shirts, monsieur Burne is here to share with us his cheesy-boogie view on Italo. Together with his Club Z1Z1 duo, Burne has been doing the rounds in the hottest clubs of the Rennes–Nantes–Paris triangle, initiating our Amici Francesi to the mesmerizing charms of an everlasting 1986 Italianto summer.

Also with us to light up this glittery September night is Berlin local Robot Girl, up-and-coming DJ and Italo extraordinaire. In recent stints at Möbel-Olfe and Kit Kat Club, Robot Girl (a.k.a Mirjana) has demonstrated a flair for the dark and dramatic, and we can’t wait to hear more of her passionate take on all things Italo.

Beate Uwe