27.10.2023, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Automaticamore!

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Mr. Fantasy (La Notte è Mia)
special Mystery Guest

and Automacamore Djs:
Rena Volvo Andrea Zucca Cmd Tulch Hank Clap

Beate Uwe

Long awaited, but now It's finally happening:
Mr. Fantasy, the vinyl virtuoso extraordinaire and maestro della celebrazioni of Stockholm's famous La Notte è Mia, is with us
for a glittering tropical Italo night.
To make the Disco Paradise even perfect we're happy to welcome a special surprise guest with another basket full of glittering Disco Gems and of course your Berlin regulars Rena Volvo, Andrea Zucca, Hank Clap and Cmd Tulch to insure all those Italo charms pouring.

"Un`Estate Di Fantasia con Mr. Fantasy"-Mix for Automaticamore