28.06.2019, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Nerang pres / Edmondson /Peer Du /Verner /Eben Rees /Rhodi Price

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - Nerang pres / Edmondson /Peer Du /Verner /Eben Rees /Rhodi Price
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Back again at Beate Uwe



The head hot dog of the fantastic vinyl series that is ’Lissoms’ has been releasing stellar music on numerous well renowned record labels over the past few years. His most recent release, ‘Hemisphere’, a record that can only be described as utterly flawless, has gathered a great deal of love and support from the likes of Bicep and more. This guy is pretty talented and we are humbled to have him play for us at the end of the month.

Peer Du
Beste Modus Haŵs

Berlin-based house producer and selector Peer Du has seen a steady stream of consistently solid releases on highly respected imprints such as ‘Beste Modus’ and ‘Virage Records’ as of late. Without giving too much away, expect some more deep and raw material coming out real soon from Peer, but in the meantime, come enjoy his high energy set down at Beate Uwe - nothing but heat guaranteed.

Eben Rees and Rhodri Price

Best friends and co-founders of Cardiff based record label and party series Haŵs have come along way since their first release last November. In the past few months the Haŵs boys have released 3 solid records featuring 10 exceptionally gifted and forward thinking artists. In addition to managing the label and events the boys have also released material themselves on various imprints and have supported acts such as Bicep, DMX Krew, Chaos In The CBD, DJ Central and Harrison BDP to name but a few. Not a set to be missed.

Axe On Wax Quartet Series

Fresh off his ‘Debbie Coke’ EP release on Axe On Wax, Verner has been making waves since his move from Italy to Berlin. With an ear for melody and raw percussive rhythms, this Swiss pianist has a way of weaving different styles into his sets, from Brazilian to African to disco— expect a night of pure energy and power. Lover of fine wine and the constant search for the great imaginary worlds yet unknown.

TRAM Planet Records Nerang Recordings

Co-founder of Tram Planet Records, this now Berlin-based producer has been known for putting out fierce techno, with more recent releases on I.T.U and Atrophy Records. Also known for his collaborations, including Future DZ, made up of him and another Tram co-founder DZee, who had their first release with Nerang V.A. Vol. 1. Much like the diversity of releases from Tram Planet, his sets range from spicy melodic breaks to hard EBM.

Dj Whipr Snipr Nerang Recordings clipp.art

Nerang Recordings head honcho right here. For the past 3 1/2 years, this producer/DJ has been running the label, and putting out releases by Ole Mic Odd, Grey People, and an upcoming 12" by Low Tape. Now based in Berlin for over a year, he has been throwing monthly parties around the city. Eclectic taste is at the forefront of his own productions— ranging from pumping acid to melodic house, and his carefully curated events around the city showcase this diversity in taste.