29.11.2019, 23:00

Beate Uwe - Automaticamore! 7th Birthday Edition

Flyer für: Beate Uwe - Automaticamore! 7th Birthday Edition
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Pengi (Welcome To Rimini/HH)
Niki Pop (Welcome To Rimini/HH)
Hank Clap (Automaticamore / Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)
Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore / Patientenfront )
Ilkay (DJ Phade) (Automaticamore)

Beate Uwe

//// Automaticamore Special 7th Birthday Edition ///

Come celebrate with us 7 years of steady Italo shimmer and glitter!
And we have the dubious past to prove it. For our birthday bash we’re diving back to Automaticamore’s dark hamburgische roots and inviting Hamburg-based duo Welcome To Rimini, who likewise debuted in city’s unforgettable Golem bar – or in its otherworldly Krypta, to be precise.

The Golem is sadly no longer with us, but luckily Pengi and Niki Pop, a.k.a Welcome To Rimini, are still at it, spinning choice Italo cuts in Hamburg and beyond. Our Rimini friends share with us not just their Geburtsort but a taste for the cheesy, the cheery and the slightly melancholy in all things italo. The two have collaborated with the ZYX imprint – home of the original Italo denomination – on some of the finest reissues around. Talk about roots!

Also with us to dance away this special night are our very own Ilkay, Commander Tulch and Hank Clap, Berlin boys who all had their fair share of the sweet Hamburg life.