28.08.2019, 18:00

Berlin Atonal - Berlin Atonal 2019

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Berlin Atonal returns this August for its 2019 edition, beginning on Wednesday 28. August and ending on Sunday 1. September. The festival spans five days and over a hundred performances and art projects, including the usual heady supply of specially commissioned audio-visual shows and world premieres in sound, video and performance. All events and activities will be held within the container of the Kraftwerk in the centre of Berlin.

Aho Ssan - Live, WP
Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo - Live A/V, WP
Alfio Antico - Live
Amnesia Scanner - Live A/V
Anne de Vries - Art Programme
Annelies Monsere - Live
Aponogeton - Live
Avon Terror Corps DJs
Bad Tracking - Live
Cécile Beau and Emma Loriaut - Art Programme
Chee Shimizu
Clara 3000
Cop Envy b2b Logic1000
Cyprien Gaillard presents Ocean II Ocean - Live A/V, WP
dBridge presents Black Electric - Live, WP
Dea Barandana
E-Saggila presents My World My Way - Live, WP
Elena Colombi b2b Jon K
Engines of Empathy - Reading
Exael - Live
Félicia Atkinson presents Music for Helen Frankenthaler - Live, WP
Folkert de Jong - Art Programme
Forest Drive West
Function presents Existenz - Live A/V, WP
Gerald Brunson - Live, WP
God69 - Live
Guillaume Marie, Marcel Weber and J.G. Biberkopf present Nervous System 2020 - Art Programme
Harrga - Live
Helm - Live
Ho Tzu Nyen - Art Programme
HTRK - Live
Huerco S.
HXE - Live
Hydromantic - Live
James Ruskin
Jason Kolar - Live
Jensen Interceptor
JK Flesh - Live
Kali Malone + Rainer Kohlberger - Live A/V, WP
Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Live
Lee Gamble - Live A/V
Loraine James - Live
Marshstepper pres. Deceivers of the Moments Presence - Live A/V, WP
Mi†ra presents nine-sum sorcery - Live, WP
Mixmaster Morris
Natalie Beridze - Live
Nene H. presents RAU // REUE - Live, WP
Nervous System 2020 - Performance
Nika J - Live
Nivhek - Live
Nkisi presents Initiation - Live A/V, WP
Nosedrip b2b Victor de Roo
Not Waving + Dark Mark (Mark Lanegan) - Live, WP
Objekt + Ezra Miller - Live A/V
Odete - Live
Pablo’s Eye - Live A/V
Pavel Milyakov - Live
Photonz - Live
Phuong Dan b2b Zozo
Rhyw + Mor Elian
Roger Hiorns - Art Programme
Roly Porter + MFO present Kistvaen - Live A/V, WP
rRoxymore presents Face to Phase - Live, WP
Samuel Kerridge + Taylor Burch present The Other - Live A/V, WP
Scion DJ Team (Substance & Vainqueur)
Shackleton presents Tunes of Negation - Live, WP
Shapednoise + Pedro Maia present Aesthesis - Live A/V, WP
@skaeliptom + @vtss.pl
Slow White Fall - Live, WP
Soho Rezanejad presents Crow Without Mouth - Live, WP
Solid Blake - Live, WP
SØS Gunver Ryberg - Live
Special Guest DJ
Terrence Dixon - Live
Trevor Jackson
TRjj - Live
UCC Harlo - Live
Violet presents Bed of Roses - Live, WP
Vladislav Delay with AGF present Rakka - Live, WP
Yousuke Yukimatsu enters Zone Unknown
Ziúr - Live

Tickets from www.berlin-atonal.com and on the door each night of the festival at Kraftwerk Berlin.