28.08.2016, 14:00

Birgit&Bier - Berlin Hummus Festival

Flyer für: Birgit&Bier - Berlin Hummus Festival
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Lose Your Politics
Screw Your Hate
Strip Your Identity
From Nationalism and Faith
It's Berlin, Baby, and We Didn't Come Here to Fight
Dance, Move Your Ass, and Go Grab a Bite
Music, Hummus and Kreuzberg Romance
All We Are Saying
Is Give Peas a Chance

► Tech House Open Air Music from:
Doron Eisenberg (Official)
Marion Cobretti
Nir Ivenizki

► Middle Eastern Open Air music from:
Basheer Baransi
La Triq
Rocky B-The Tropikal Camel

►Hummus from:
Falafel Salam