04.12.2015, 23:00

Bohnengold - Berlin Loves Phangan Pre-Party

We are Kinky Kong!

A Berlin ART/Culture/Club Project opening it's doors in 2016 in the Baan Tai Jungle on the Island of Koh Phangan.
The Club has a total space of 400sqm, with a 220sqm sized dance floor. In 2 of the 3 corners is a 120sqm sized restaurant and a 80sqm sized snack bar, both fully air conditioned and with cozy chill out areas.

The decoration is based on the Berlin street and club art scene, with stylish graffitis, an 800sqm outdoor area and a special light and laser concept including an Open Air Cinema, all of this invites you to hangout in the Jungle!

15 years of world wide club scene know-how and a 7 year Berlin techno scene experience are the foundations for this project.
This occasion will be celebrated in the form of a festival, our members await 1600sqm of deserted beach and jungle, more we won't tell you about the location of the venue "wink"- emoticon

We are cooperating with several Berlin based labels, interior designers and artists to provide our Kinky Kong members an unforgettable experience in paradise.
This Summer we are organizing pre-parties in Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow and Kiev, to give you a sneak-peak of what's going down in Thailand!

Berlin loves Phangan will promote the cultural exchange of both destinations. A city and tourism friendship one of a kind.
We want to conquer the Berlin scene and the Berlin scene tourists (worldwide) by raising awareness on the beauty of the country and boost a grateful type of tourism on Koh Phangan.
Only a few people in Berlin know about Koh Phangan, despite both spots are so so soooo similar when it comes to their mysticism, drive and vibe.

We like to use the sentence "If you love Tech-House / Electro you'll feel Koh Phangan as a Berlin in paradise"

The Kinky Kong Club will be the headquarters for the Kinky Kong members, a place where you can spend hours and hours with the finest electronic music, enjoy great food and meet other gentle humans!

Being a "gentle human" is also our religion. It's similar to Thailand's "Sabai Sabai", a term which is impossible to express in words. You have to live and feel it for yourself, and if you haven't yet, then you will definitely feel it with us!
We are one, unfortunately this feeling has been lost more and more nowadays, in our restless societies.

We love Thailand and Koh Phangan is our second home, that's why we decided to establish our base on the Island. It's our gateway into Asia!

Asia is an emerging market when it comes to electronic music and we are building the bridge.
The resonance and interest in China, South Korea, Japan and Bali is huge and we are looking forward to collaborate in the near future.

Just follow our Facebook page
"Kinky Kong Koh Phangan - Thailand"

(https://www.facebook.com/kinkykongclub?hc_location=ufi )

to keep yourself up to date! Our website will be online soon, there you will find all details about our project.

The festival tickets will be available on our platform. Admission for the festival site is exclusively for club members and ticket holders. There won't be tickets available at the door, as the festival will be organized as a private event.
Stay tuned!”

- Konrad Ritter B2B Alex Flat (Ola Records, Ornament)

- Skovhus & Midori (Berlin/Kinky Kong)

- Dennis Beutler (Deich Records)

Entry Free

Love ❤️