09.06.2018, 23:00

Bohnengold - We Are TOFU with Jens Mahlstedt

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Jens Mahlstedt is a DJ, music producer and composer who actually kicked off his music career with a residency in Kreuzberg club "Beehive" back in 1987 and has been all across the map with highly acclaimed techno releases on labels like Superstition and Experience 2000 back in the 90ies. Today he continues to spread his love for all kinds of music, scoring films, working for theater productions and teaching at universities. From Berlin via London and Jamaica he has now settled close to the city of Bremen only to come out of hiding to play a very special set for us at TOFU.

We are with:

Jens Mahlstedt (Superstition / Experience 2000 / Teufelsmoor)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

Presented by:

Local Suicide (My Favorite Robot / Multi Culti / T.O.F.U.)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

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