09.09.2016, 23:00

Bohnengold - BAR NOIR w/ Eugenio Altieri & Franz Scala

Flyer für: Bohnengold - BAR NOIR w/ Eugenio Altieri & Franz Scala
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✖︎ EUGENIO ALTIERI // slow motion, shanghai
✖︎ FRANZ SCALA // slow motion, wrong era

✖︎ Artwork by Emilia Gaglione


Franz Scala
Franz is the head of Slow Motion, an Italian dance label based in Berlin. Aside from producing on his own imprint, he has releases on World Unknown, Tusk Wax and Bordello a Parigi. Franz also promotes many events around the german capital such as the monthly Wrong Era parties or the Magic Waves Festival.


Eugenio Altieri

Eugenio Altieri is an Italian producer/designer based in Shanghai.

Ever since Eugenio met house music in early 90s at the famous Disco Ennennci in Naples the two became inseparable. In 2004 he started to play with machines and samples mixing his passion for music with his visual attitude. He created many audio/video projects and worked on several ‘Weirdo Production’ sessions. After finishing his design studies, he moved to Shanghai where he founded the DesToys duo, a live project influenced by horror, space disco and American 80’s commercials. In 2015 “Altieri” was born. This solo project is influenced by the Dark Side of house, new wave and obscure disco, but its key inspiration is daily life itself.


Reichenberger Str. 153
10999 Berlin
** Open monday - saturday from 6pm till late **

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