24.06.2017, 23:00

Bohnengold - We Are TOFU with Facets

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There are many facets to life. But there is only one Facets from New York and he is coming to join us for a night out at Bohnengold with the TOFU gang. Originally from Belgrade, he made his way to the Big Apple via Cypress & London. Over the past years he had made a big impact shaping the NYC dance scene with his "Glitterball" parties that showcase some of the best sounds that dance music has to over. The party aims to promote a variety of sounds from Neo-Disco over Pychedelia to Wave or House - you name it. And guest DJs like Manpower, Manfredas or Nathan Gregory Wilkins show that this man likes to spin tunes in very good company.

Long story short:
There are many facets to Facets so face it - he will move your asses.

We are with:

Facets (GlitterballNYC / Samo, New York City)

Presented by:

Local Suicide (My Favorite Robot / Multi Culti / T.O.F.U.)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

RA event:

Artwork courtesy of:
Cristin Sauer