24.09.2016, 23:00

Bohnengold - We are TOFU *Vamparela Birthday Edition*

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Clouded in illusive darkness, hidden in the shadows and lurking in the twilight of every single one of our TOFU dance rituals is our queen Vamparela. Armed with dark technodisco sounds she uses her tunes to hypnotize you on the dance floor before capturing the essence of your soul within her camera obscura (and in our FB photo gallery - check our party pics there).

This mystical female being is celebrating the day she transcended between this world and the realms of TOFU. So cast a circle, call upon the elements and start building energy because we are about to cast a spell that is going to last all night long...

We are ⓉⓄⒻⓊ with:

Vamparela (T.O.F.U.)

Branz (Bohnengold)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

Brax Moody (T.O.F.U.)

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Artwork courtesy of:
© Cristin Sauer