29.10.2016, 23:00

Bohnengold - We are TOFU with Iñigo Vontier & SFP

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Some of you might recall Iñigo Vontier's amazing set last year at TOFU? We don't because we were having too much fun spacing around, so we just had to have him back to create an actual lasting memory for ourselves. Most has been said about this dude already: Quality releases on Correspondant and La Dame Noir, awesome DJ, great guy - so let us just save you some reading on this one. Joining him is SFP, member of the Signal crew in Prague. I am sure he will be unleashing one or the other dark disco dancer from the catacombs so all we have to do is lean back like that fat guy Joe from Brooklyn and enjoy the ride.

We are ⓉⓄⒻⓊ with:

Iñigo Vontier (Correspondant / Turbo / La Dame Noir , Guadalajara)

SFP (Signal / Eye Records, Prague)

Presented by:

Local Suicide (Multi Culti / Bordello A Parigi / T.O.F.U.)

Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

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Artwork courtesy of:
© Cristin Sauer