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Burg Schnabel - G day ◉ at Burg Schnabel

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Welcome to those that follow us and brighten up the night ! We invite you for a dimensional transmutation.

The field from G.DAY [G]lory Day is ready.
Higher vibrating realities are now available to all.

Burg floor
◉ La Fraicheur // Leonizer Records, Friends With Benefits Records, Quer

◉ Michael Nadjé // BTAIM, Grime Box

◉ Joseph Diel // SUB Records

Glory box
◉ 2FARO // G day

◉ Mashyno // G day
& maGic moments

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If the world of the third dimension is a hologram or illusion, we are never really engaged in this dimensional field, but we are superimposed in this field as a shadow.

The third dimension is one that gives the height to length and width, The third dimension makes everything more "dense" and vibrates slower. The slower the vibrations, the more our thoughts perceive this as a solid structure. All these vibrations help from the dualism of being in human form. Look to the light, it's a frequency that vibrates so fast. It does not imply any structure, it just happens.

Our dimension is based on all frequency ranges and everything here is a vibration. Your thoughts, your dance, your movements create vibrations, with emotions and feelings that are just passing through our own observer consciousness.

Your body breaks down into cells, that break down into molecules, that break down into atoms, that down into sub-atomic particles, that break down into waves. All is vibration. You are vibration. We are vibration.

When you reach higher energy frequency from the source, it is manifested in waves, and these waves are expanded and amplified with the planetary alignments and from this way, we can switch to the fifth dimension.

This dimension is beyond time, it is the eternal now. But the fifth dimension is not only that, as our sensory systems align with the higher frequencies gain more awareness of the multiplicity of dimensions, and to be cognitively involved in the 5th dimension allowing us the ability to peer into this dimension, it doesn't mean that you are working in this dimension, only your thoughts can believe that you are holding the "reality" of the same.

The field from G.DAY [G]lorious Day is ready. Higher vibrating realities are now available to all.
Andre Fau

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