07.12.2018, 23:59

Burg Schnabel - Etienne de Crécy • Egomix • Berlin

Flyer für: Burg Schnabel - Etienne de Crécy • Egomix • Berlin
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Etienne de Crécy presents Egomix Show
+ Special Guests
07.12. Berlin, Burg Schnabel
Doors: 23:59

// RA: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1128697

Étienne de Crécy is a quiet but nevertheless major in the international electro world. In 20 years of consistent experiences, the french producer has created some significant albums of electro : Pansoul (with Philipe Zdar under the name of Motorbass), Superdiscount, Tempovision, Superdiscount 2.
He is also the author of around 30 maxis and realized around 40 remixes for artists as Kraftwerk, Air, Moby, or Lil’ Louis. Well known for his eclecticism and efficiency of his productions, Étienne de Crécy is also a enthusiast DJ, appreciated by his public. His live Beats’n’Cubes became a world reference of electro live performances.