07.08.2015, 22:00

Chalet Club - Freaks Come Out with Heartthrob & Lady Blacktronika

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Calling all freaks it’s time to let your freak flag fly free.

Cult Kemystry is proud to present Freaks Come Out a new event for the queer and open-minded crowd at Chalet. Freaks Come Out is a House and Techno party with two floors of jacking music with hidden surprises lurking behind dark corners and hidden rooms a place perfect for any freak of the night. On the techno floor we act as the ringmaster bringing the freaks together into another state of being with pulsating music from local hero Heartthrob with support from Occultist James Demon and Jovan Feuerstacke.

Following the madness outside into the garden a magical place for the freaks to come out and play, with a sexier house vibe to enchant the children of the night into a wonderland of hedonist bliss. The legendary diva Lady Blacktronika will be gracing the stage with support from Beitola’s Mauro Feola and Emily who will move you into the early morning hours.

We hope you will join us for a mystical evening as we invite freaks of all types to join us for a night where freedom of expression and freedom of self is not only welcome but also encouraged! Don’t miss what is sure to be an epic night of free living through music, dance, and sexual expression.

Line up:

Heartthrob [ISNISNT]
Lady Blacktronika [Sound Black + Sound Kemystry, Underground Quality]
James Demon [Occultists / Freaks Come Out]
Emily [TX]
Mauro Feola [Beitola]
Jovan Feuerstacke ᴰᴶ [Visor Novaris]


Show some RA <3