07.10.2016, 23:59

Chalet Club - Music Lab w/YAYA *Desolat*,22rockets,Stay Free Kollektiv

Flyer für: Chalet Club - Music Lab w/YAYA *Desolat*,22rockets,Stay Free Kollektiv
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Line Up:
Yaya [Desolat]
22ROCKETS [Wilde Renate]
Paulo Chinatown [Chalet]
Miabell / Stay Free Kollektiv
Jerry D Kid / Stay Free Kollektiv / Anomalie
Shameas Dean / Stay Free Kollektiv / Anomalie

Some notorious electronic music talents have started their careers as percussionists. And so did Yaya, but his tale is different to all the rest. His new release for Desolat takes a unique, upbeat approach to 4/4 beats: combining heartfelt Benin influences – samples from dialogue and traditional ballads – with the stretched-out tension and release of Balearic and the bubbling pops and stutters of tech house, plus the occasional kickback to a Commodore64 high score melody. (Text via Desolat)

Resident Advisor <3 https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?877749