09.10.2015, 23:59

Chalet Club - Beyond the Clouds: Toby Tobias 'Rising Son' LP Berlin release party

Flyer für: Chalet Club - Beyond the Clouds: Toby Tobias 'Rising Son' LP Berlin release party
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■ Line up:

Salon: Beyond The Clouds presents Toby Tobias
‘Rising Son’ LP Berlin release party

Jane Fitz [Night Moves]
Toby Tobias [Delusions Of Grandeur, Rekids, Nang]
Gratts [Ensemble, We Play House]


Christopher Breuer [Lustgarten]
James Martin [Lustgarten]

■ RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?684529

■ Info:

Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias has been responsible for some fine quality music over the past 10 years with labels such as Rekids, Nang, Let's Play House and Quintessentials all dropping his unique brand of raw, analogue house and techno. A DJ's DJ who always seems to pull out a lesser known gem and make it sound like a classic, Toby knows his music as well as his studio, inside out. Delusions of Grandeur has proud to deliver three EP's from him on Delusions but felt the time was right for a full length, especially considering that 7 years have passed since his debut LP Space Shuffle on Rekids. Toby fully embraced the scope and breadth that an LP affords a producer, holing up in his Hackney studio and losing himself in his machines. Rising Son is the result of those sessions, ranging from machine funk, 808 beats and vintage electro vibes, blissful, downtempo jams and Moroder-esque influences bringing a retro sheen to the LP. That Toby can paint pictures with his music in this way speaks volumes, knowing instinctively when to draw out a mood or feeling or flip things on their head to command your attention and beg another listen.

Jane Fitz

A DJ for over 20 years, Jane Fitz is resident at legendary UK festival Freerotation, Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria and in London at Night Moves, the party she co-runs with Jade Seatle, and a regular at European/London night Cartuli's Day. At home in the UK she's a favourite at respected parties such as Louche, Butter Side Up, Below, DiY, Black Dot and fabric. While in the past year alone she's played all over the world, from New York to Paris, Berlin to Tokyo, Moscow to Rajasthan, in fields, clubs, boats, mountains, deserts, warehouses, beaches and basements - bringing a hard-to-categorise mix that can take in early UK acid tracks, deep, spacey house, modern psychedelic techno, or ambient textures. Jane's career has been built on her djing alone - never relying on productions, or associations with record labels or FM radio. But in 2014 a debut release, as one half of production duo Invisible Menders, was released on cult UK label Porn Wax; a new ep for Boe Recordings lands in 2015, with more to follow.