12.01.2019, 23:59

Chalet Club - Club Night w/ Ian Pooley, Francesco De Luca, Weg & more

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Ian Pooley

Francesco De Luca


Sofia Kourtesis

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With five artist albums under his belt, Ian Pooley has perfected the balance of classic and contemporary sounds in his ever-evolving production work. With a studio overflowing with analogue gear and two decades of production experience, he is currently enjoying one of the most fruitful periods of his career, with new material drawing more newcomers to his ever-growing fanbase, while classic older cuts are being reintroduced to new generations via mixes on labels such as Ostgut Ton.

Francesco de Luca developed his passion for music when he got his hands on with his first vinyl records and turntables. The passion soon grew into a deep love for old house and techno music.

Italian born, Berlin based Luca Albano aka Weg began his musical journey releasing his first EP on vinyl back in 2006. Since then he started djing around clubs and parties in his native home Rome spreading step by step all over Europe.

What Sofia Kourtesis offers is a spellbinding auditory experience that falls somewhere between the minimal sounds of Aphex Twin and mystifying ambiance of Jai Paul. "Her music interweaves shadows and introspection with smart grooves – seductive melancholy,” says Create Digital Music. Whether it be a flea market found MPC, or a child's toy triangle, Kourtesis utilizes anything at her fingertips to create her innovative sound.