13.03.2018, 23:59

Chalet Club - Zuckerbrot & Peitsche

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Zuckerbrot & Peitsche - Die nackte Haut besteht nicht aus Leder. Leder ist die nackte Haut.


Sometimes reward and punishment can mean the same thing...
This March, Chalet invites you to the opening of a special party; ‘Zuckerbrot and Peitsche’.
Alluding to the idiom of the carrot and stick approach, our aim is to reward those with an interest in quality music, a desire for cultural progression and a taste for fun ;) We hope to create a moment of shared experience and understanding for open mindedness and equality.
Expect a night of talented performance, exotic dress and debauchery from some of the most exciting artists around.

Line Up:

Anika [Invada, Stones Throw]

Singer- songwriter, vocalist and all round musical talent, Anika first cut her teeth whilst working with founding member of Portishead and producer Geoff Barrow, the recordings of which made resulting in her debut self- titled album. An eclectic and idiosyncratic sound under pins Anika’s exceeding creativity. This feeling shines through in her dj sets also; blending a mixture of vocal infused electronic, dub and ambient to dramatic effect. Expect something very special!

René Audiard [Supply Records, Ygrok, The Double R]

Having already established himself as an artist to watch following his Supply Record’s showcase at Panorama bar, René Audiard’s subsequent move to Berlin soon reaffirmed his position as a boundary pushing performer and producer in the electronic music scene. What appears to be a relentless work ethic coupled with a considered approach to his craft, Audiard’s music blurs the lines between minimal house, techno, experimental and eastern influenced sounds. Not just a prolific producer, Audiard’s djing reflects his wealth of experience garnered over the years and evokes a sense of true appreciation and understanding for all things musical; Sure to make you move in all the right ways!

Omer [Cocktail d’Amore Music, Love On The Rocks]

Already a well- established figure in the Berlin club circuit, Omer has been making his mark across the city for a while now with his infectious track selection. From his Cocktail d’Amore residency to sets at the infamous Lab.oratory, Buttons monthly event at ://aboutblank and Renate’s House of Red Doors, Omer continues to build momentum and solidify his reputation as a DJ.
After two already fine releases under his belt, Omer’s most recent Bye EP from Love On The Rocks has been making waves across dance floor, showcasing his keen sense for melody and groove. Expect a driving selection of sounds from one of the best around!

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