15.06.2017, 20:00

Chalet Club - Rite::. w/ SEFF, Justin Massei, & ONNI

Flyer für: Chalet Club - Rite::. w/ SEFF, Justin Massei, & ONNI
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// Line up:
SEFF [Hot Creations / VIVa Music]
Justin Massei [Selador / Power Plant]
ONNI [Vioma]

Nicolas Avolos
Monika Ole
Mario Urien
RITE::. has become the ritual.

Rites & rituals, be it within the daily mundane, spiritual, or creative realms, help to clear mental space, focus intentions, and rejuvenate the mind. Now, a new Rite::. has begun.

A party that attempts to pull closer, delve deeper, and conjure the unseen that connects us all.

RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?976968

Artwork: Derek Raymond Design

There are few DJs/Producers that can say they have been around for over two decades and are still one of the most sought after DJs within the industry. Smashing onto the scene back in ’92, SEFF has evolved with the times and kept a unique, raw underground Deep/Tech House and Techno vibe that has turned heads across the globe.

Justin Massei macht keinen Hehl aus seiner spirituellen Herangehensweise an elektronische Musik und das Auflegen, weshalb seine Sets und er selbst mit einer außergewöhnlichen Ehrlichkeit überzeugen können. An der Oberfläche mag es Techno sein - doch darunter hat sich dieser DJ den „War on Consciousness“ auf die Fahne geschrieben und will seine Tänzer zur Erleuchtung führen.

Justin’s pensive nature is ubiquitous with his productions and DJ Sets. His music is both technical and engaging, nerdy and seamless. He makes no secret of his spiritual approach to electronic music. An approach his sets and his demeanor convince with an extraordinary honesty. He has put “The War on Consciousness" on the flag, prepared to lead his dancers to enlightenment.

Born in Istanbul, now Berlin resident. ONNI is part of the Voima crew, responsible for some of the best and forward-thinking parties in Istanbul.