25.12.2015, 23:59

Chalet Club - Christmas Resident with Luna City Express (Norman Weber)

Flyer für: Chalet Club - Christmas Resident with Luna City Express (Norman Weber)
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Line up:

Luna City Express [Norman Weber]
Sebastian Klenk [Zijanroots, Chalet ]

RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?756392

A young upcoming sardinian-born producer, Davide James makes live and production music with a great passion and deep love for music - berlin-flavored with a special summer breeze and with a lot of energy moving inside.

Originally trained as a drummer, Davide has early roots in music. He has been into Jazz-Pop-Rock and other musical directions long before he started to experiment with electronic music.

In early 2009 he moved to Berlin, Germany, where he spent several years playing in most of the Berlin clubs with kmln (chameleon), which was an influential time for him.

Now he finds himself at @Code2 Records, where he feels a refreshed vibe being part of the team. He is ready to express his own ideas of electronic tech-house music, mixing, producing and performing live.

As well as Davide’s own productions, he is involved in several art projects with international multimedia artists. Stay tuned for updates regarding this.

A great first release is coming soon EP - vol. 001 “TROMPYA” on Code2 Records.

Was Exclusive release on Beatport: June 26th 2015.
Now he is also artist, and part of the Team on:

Code2 Records //
Pure Cocaine Records //
Klinik Room Recordings //
Ushuaia Music //
Rimoshee Traxx //
Proton //