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Chalet Club - Wide•Awake

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Just Emma [UnderYourSkinRecords, Katermukke]
Ida Daugaard [Quality Time, Clandestine Artist]
Cem Orlow [Soundscape Records, Rts.fm]
Red pig flower [Sound Of Vast, Plus Records Tokyo]

Resident Advisor:

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Just Emma:

In the depth of music you close your eyes. You close your eyes to open your heart. You open your heart to give in to the strength of floating spaces of music. Welcome to the sound of Just Emma. They duo manages to make you drift from reality to a fictional journey into a different world. For more than four years Alex and Saskia have been part of the electronic music scene, spreading their driving, deep, hence melodic and playful sound focusing on one message their music reveals to every single person: love! While Saskia‘s musical skills developed during early childhood piano lessons, Alex made first contact with electronic music with his “Minimal Lounge“ solo project.

Releasing on labels such as Katermukke, Hanse Hertz, Plötzlich Music and Connaisseur Recordings it is their own imprint Underyourskin Records that has been causing a buzz lately and on which Just Emma releases their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music. Therefore the duo prefers to play the early morning hours to attract the crowd with an ocean of diverse sounds


Ida Daugaard:

Ida Daugaard has for the last 8 years played at clubs & venues all over the world. To mention a few she has dj’ed at one of the biggest stages at the Africa Burn festival in Cape Town, Moulin Rouge Paris, Proposition New York, Odd Milan, Lightbox London, Mainstage Mysteryland, Decibel Puerto Rico & Cosmique Room in Istanbul

Having a profound love for the twisted dark dancefloor Ida decided Berlin is the place to be. In 2014 she made the decision to move away from her base in Copenhagen. Soon after settling down in her Musical Mecca Berlin she started playing regularly at clubs like Golden Gate, Katerblau & Ipse

Ida's sets have two distinctive sounds, a trippy dark & deep sound and a chunkier upbeat minimal & tech sound

Red Pig Flower:

Co-founder of "sound of vast" Released on Sound of vast, Baile musik, Unclear recordings, Brise recording, Lazerslut, Repeat music, Superb recordings, Plus records Tokyo, Different Is Different , Frucht Etc

Red Pig Flowerはベルリンとロンドンを拠点に活動するDJ,プロデューサー、ビジュアルアーティストである。
韓国人と日本人の混血である彼女は、アジアからDJ活動を開始。2010年にロンドンへ拠点を移し、ベルリンを第二のホームとして活動。ここ数年では,パリ,ナポリ,イビサ,マルタ,イスタンブール,ハンブルグ,アムステルダムなどヨーロッパ全域にわたりプレイし、Monika Kruse, Miro Pajic, Yapacc, Okain, Wbeeza, Dana Ruh, A guy called Gerald, Agent,Timid boyなどと共演も果たす。またサウンドプロデューサーとして、彼女のトリッピーでダビーなサウンドは"miro pajic", "Mathias Schaffhäuser" , "MATT Star"などから評価される。そして2013年よりアムステルダムを拠点に活動するKnockとともにVinyl label "Sound of vast" を立ち上げ、ロンドンを拠点とする "picknik recordings"

There is the red pig flower, such a red artist. RED means reality.
She's found all the nice red things. Blood, cherries, berries, lipstick, sunrise, sunset, sign of warning. Rose, Chinese flower, heart, red carpet and excitement. She represents her red works in paintings and photography. PIG means desire. Smart and greedy animal, smarter than dogs. But loved as a food because of its ugliness. She rejects the notion that greed is a bad thing
And tries to represent and see people's desire through her art.
She expresses her desire through "receipt projects". FLOWER is originally a "plastic flower", which means dreams and beauty. She denied all the real flowers, which die and fade away easily. She tries to find out something which is eternal and infinite, one within her life. She represents her flower work in video and sound arts. And of course these 3 works are related to each other.

Cem Orlov:

Cem Orlow`s main concern as a DJ is not exclusively about danceability, but also about creating a meditative state; music that takes you into another dimension and inspires you mentally and spiritually.
He still loves all kinds of house music, but he has realized that it is more important for him to work in the world of abstract sounds and to try and find new inspiration there.
House, especially deep house, has paved the way for him and you will be able to hear elements of it in his sets time and time again, but right now he is looking for new musical worlds.

That`s why besides being a DJ he founded the label SSR (soundscapes records) in 2015 to work out his musical passion by producing his own sound and by releasing other artists.
First output was the experimental project light field which combines minimal classic with lyrical elements written by co-founder Anna Wagner.

"I really like new classical and serial music and I have used some samples and similar sounds in my last pieces and orientated myself towards this kind of music. Anna Wagner composed and recorded the lyrics. So you could say that we are conducting research in the field of experimental lyrical techno music."

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Charity Event - 2 Floors - Funktion One Sound

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30% of the income of this night Chalet will donate to their Amazonia / Iquitos Peru new / Health & Culture House for Children and Teenagers