18.06.2022, 23:00


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__STIMULATION x STIMULATE. On Saturday 18th June we showcase the talents of @stimulate.techno along with some carefully selected friends and guests. 12 hours across 2 floors. Similar to our last party the upper floor is dedicated to groovier, sexier sounds. We have a very special guest returning to us who played one of the most memorable sets at our last open air, D.Carbone.


ACHAT @achat01_
BOLLMANN @bollmann_
D.CARBONE @d._carbone
CUTEPARTYNURSE @cutepartynurse
MINDMISTAKE @mindmistakenl
KONAPT [LIVE] @konapt
NINA BERG @ninaberg____
PUNKTMIDI @punktmidi
PURR @purr_music
SICION @sicion.t

Artwork @markelms

We continue to strive to always improve and based upon the feedback we received we will double the size of the dark area and there will be a dedicated member of our awareness team overseeing this area.

__DRESS CODE: Fetish, Latex, Underwear, Swimwear/Sportswear, Extravagant, Express Yourself…! No hoodies, No coats, No exceptions. Make an effort.

Why do we now have a dress code? Stimulation is a sex positive, queer friendly party for self expression and dancing in a safe space. Our regular guests tell us they do not feel comfortable being half naked when someone is in the same space looking like they’re just walked in off the street.

Whilst we believe techno is inclusive of all, Stimulation was always a sex positive event from the very first parties we ever threw, we therefore have decided to enforce a stricter dress code and door policy in all future events to ensure people know what to expect at our parties.

If you are new to our event and do not adhere to this policy, you will be denied entry and your ticket will be refunded. In general, there will be be more selection at the door than the previous event. Please contact us if you have any questions about this, especially if you’ve been to our events before and you believe you may be excluded by some of these changes.

__We do not tolerate any kind of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination, disrespect of any kind. Stimulation is a safe space for all.

__No photo or videos inside the venue. No exceptions.