27.01.2018, 22:00

Club OST - CTM 2018 - Designed Disarray / Happy As Hell

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Club OST
27. January 2018 22:00 h Tickets €15

Club OST I
22:00 Boo Lean
23:45 Antwood
01:00 DJ Occult
02:45 Jlin
03:45 errorsmith
05:00 Special Request
07:00 Phon_o

23:00 Hanin Elias
01:00 NAH
02:00 NAKED
03:00 Cuntroaches

This Saturday-night lineup as part of CTM Festival 2018 – Turmoil is designed to take full advantage of Club Ost’s custom-built, eight-stack soundsystem.

Expert techno/house stalwart Special Request captures the raw energy of the UK's pirate airwaves via murky house, darkside techno, and eye-of-the-storm hardcore/jungle tear-outs in a DJ set reflecting in-depth mastery of audiotechnical intricacies. Footwork enchanter Jlin revisits CTM with a live, percussion-heavy set showcasing material from her latest album, Black Origami. Errorsmith, one of Berlin's quiet gems, is making waves with a new critically acclaimed album on PAN, his first in 13 years. Oscillating between humor and unease, Antwood produces delicate and uncanny cyber-ecosystems in reaction to subversive advertising, the ubiquity of ads, and the commodification of online content. Phon.o will bring a signature euphoric DJ set with sounds ranging from UK house to dubstep and techno. Florida native DJ Occult flips the script on ghettotech and booty bass, reclaiming those low subs for a dancefloor with "zero misogyny, zero predatory vibes & zero judgement, baby". Pittsburgh native and VIA Festival founder Boo Lean opens the night.

In OST II, Hanin Elias hosts an explosive evening of confrontational outbursts and dizzying noise. An early protagonist in Berlin’s post-fall-of-the-wall electronic punk and hardcore scene through her work in Atari Teenage Riot and her Fatal Recordings label, she's joined by outrageous Berlin punk band Cuntroaches, who “inject chaos before the music even exists and then put the music on top”, the heterogeneous abstract rhythm-infused noise of NAH, or the extreme primordial noise from duo NAKED, whose new EP on Halcyon Veil uses the sounds of sex, vomit, and noise to create a heavy, spine-crushing sonic hybrid.