01.04.2023, 22:00

Crack Bellmer - SMOOTHIN GROOVIN #10 with Balthazar Martinez, Riki Ross, TRU:L

Our favorite smooth-yet-groovy-inter-genre-party is back, we know you missed us and we're happy to see you again on the dancefloor - music lovers, deep diggers and everyday people!

Find us on the 1st of April on the dancefloor at Crack Bellmer, for another night of carefully selected sounds from all over the globe, coming together for your dancing pleasures. No joke! :p


Based in Berlin, selector, and true music lover, Balthazar Martinez is here to spread the groove, and share music and happiness with everyone onboard.

He organises the events Spread The Groove at Repeat & Refuge Worldwide Radio and is also one of the three members of Sloppe, a collective organizing wild and colorful nights at Urban Spree, and other clubs and venues in Berlin.


Hailing from London via Japan and now based in Amsterdam, Riki Ross is a Refuge Worldwide resident that is no stranger to dancefloors in Berlin. Not bound by genre or tempo, he has a deep love for anything that brings vibe. His sets draw heavily on influences from Soul, Reggae, and UK sound system culture – so expect mixed and varied selections.



Smoothin Groovin resident and co-founder, TRU:L is excited to share the decks and dancefloor with her guests, making sure everything is smooth, groovy and hot throughout the night. She is organizing events with the intention of uniting people through nightlife music with a feel-good & soulful vibe at its core, while creating a safe space for the dancers in the club.

Curating the SG radio show, she now has her own voice on Refuge Worldwide as well:

bar from 7. club from 10.
bring a friend, not an attitude.


NO means NO! This is a free and safe space, where we don't tolerate sexual harassment or any discriminatory behaviour such as sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism. We want everyone to be safe, so if you feel any bad vibes or witness anything irregular, please locate the first awareness team member or security person and report immediately. We are actively checking the space for anyone who needs attention. The party is as good as the people!