08.02.2019, 21:00

Crack Bellmer - Disco Spektrum w/ Marian Tone, DJ With Soul & Evergrace

Flyer für: Crack Bellmer - Disco Spektrum w/ Marian Tone, DJ With Soul & Evergrace
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Marian Tone (Beatkollektiv / Wedding Soul)
DJ With Soul (Soulful House Collective / Disco Kiez)
Evergrace (Disco Spektrum / Mister Bear)
Styles: #obscure #soul #funk #world #boogie #house #disco

* Disco Spektrum is a plattform to build up a Disco-, Funk- and Boogie-Scene in Berlin. Everyone who loves this kind of music will be connected to each other at our events and can share information.

* To bring people together we do open decks, parties, public listening sessions and meet ups.

* Our Club Night is 100% about music and inclusion. We present essential and wonderful selektors that grow the community together.

* Join us for belonging and heavy grooves! Be part of Berlins Disco Scene!

Marian Tone 1:00-3:00
Marian is a Berlin based DJ, producer and promoter who started to spin and dig in the crates in 1999. Since then he is digging strictly good and soulful music without caring genre boarders. In the past years he's been traveling a lot in countries such as Lithuania, France, Poland, Israel, Georgia and others and played support shows and gigs for DamFunk, Jazzanova, Max Graef & Glenn Astro, Buttering Trio, Black Milk and many others.

DJ With Soul 23:00-1:00
The passionate vinyl collector DJ WITH SOUL has been playing all over Germany for 15 years, using a variety of genre-specific styles - in particular funky, latin, soulful or garage house, as well as the original disco sound. Since 2010, DJ with Soul has also focused on music production. His focus is on House Music, which comes from the heart, sounds like warmth and contains soul elements.


EVERGRACE 3:00-6:00
Franconian boogie wizard Evergrace is an edit-fiend par excellence. Inspired by Chop Shop, Fingerman, Alkalino and Horse Meat Disco he's curating hundreds of essential cuts and remasters. With the platform Disco Spektrum the DJ brings Berlin's local Disco & Funk scene together. Look out for his open decks and listening sessions.