08.07.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Nice One

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Make mondays great again.


Understand this groove? It’s message that best characterises Nadine’s deep, breakey sound.
Her fascination for electronic music originates from her affinity and passion for 90s Acid House in particular. This rapidly developing and aspiring artist possesses a fine taste in electronic music, ranging from nearly forgotten and rare classics to up-to-date releases on underground labels. Whether it’s digital or vinyl – Nadine knows how to handle both in a neat and effective manner – but her heart certainly beats for the black 12-inch version and sets that rise above the 120 min border extensive.


This man makes the strongest women giggle and blush. He plays music for professionals, he tucks his shirt into his trousers and he's nicer than the devil who's after your soul. Halleluja!

Steve Challier

Steve Challier kommt aus Ostberlin, ist jung und auf Zack und das hört man auch. Er mixt leckere Drinks, gibt sein Geld für Platten und Technik aus und teilt sich ein Studio mit Nils Twachtmann. Minimal und House bouncen und rollen durch den Laden, wenn er spielt. So, wie sich das gehört!

Bar ab 8. Supernice ab 10.