08.11.2019, 22:00

Crack Bellmer - CIAO AMORE BACI #2

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After an unforgettable first edizione of CIAO AMORE BACI at Golden Pudel we are taking the magic to Berlino!

RICCARDI SCHOLA from the northern coast is known for owning every scratch version of any italo track that has ever been produced. Also his collection of rare 70s italian disco is as fantastico as his shirts.

We're more than happy to present RENA VOLVO from the southern emisfero at this edizione. Her collezione di dischi is as eccezionalmente as the vibes that she brings to any dancefloor with her "Knallers".

FRINDA E JOCHEN – the matadore locale – will complete the line-up with their ossessione for musica cosmica e oscura and also will take care of their own level of Prosecco.