09.04.2023, 21:00

Crack Bellmer - Champan Por Las Tetas w/ Cheriii, Lobby, Katy De Jesus, Marie Midori, Leolé, Otal, Selessa T

Champagne for the tits, oh what a treat!
Bubbles that dance, a toast so sweet,
Raising a glass, to curves so fine,
Celebrating bodies, all in line.

A sip of the bubbly, a sip of pleasure,
Effervescence in motion, bubbles that measure,
A touch of luxury, a touch of class,
A moment of celebration, nothing to surpass.

Flutes raised high, a shimmer in the light,
The clinking of glasses, a moment so bright,
A time of joy, a time of mirth,
A celebration of life, since the day of our birth.

So let the Champagne flow, let it pour,
A tribute to the chests, that we all adore,
For the chests that hold our hearts and souls,
Champagne for the tetas a tribute so whole.

Line Up:
Cheriii (Homodrop) b2b Lobby (Nanji)
Katy De Jesus (Hush) b2b Marie Midori (Femme Bass Mafia)
Otal b2b Selessa T (Blurry Vision)