12.07.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Discophrenia

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Traveller X (Potente)
Traveller X is Miguel de Palencia, a Berlin based Spanish Dj. Music and food are his 2 passions that he combines on his POTENTE project in the city, itinerary pop up events that mix good food, Disco music and good vibes. Before this, more than 10 years of playing records, promoter of the SMILE Friday Disco Parties in Madrid, part of different collectives and teams of Disco and electronic music activists and clubs, and on top a passionate dancer. He approaches to the dancefloor like a grandma does in NYE dinner, using his experience, taking care of the different vibes and tastes, with the only motivation of feeling and sharing the joy in front of him.

Ahura Mazda
Daniel Shavit aka Dj Trip Advisor aka Marquis de Sad is a mediteranean DJ and producer exploring the exotic and weird side of electronic beats whether they relate to ambient, house and techno with roots in disco, jazz and world music with a penchant for analog percussions. Recently established the Ahura Mazda label alongside Efe Serio (Turkish Tornado) with a first release by Can Aksan slated for september release.

Nathan Dawidowicz (JU/NA)
Italo/Israeli Disc Jockey, record collector and music producer. His research and taste are eclectic, moving between various shapes and incarnations of music and sounds with the goal to stimulate your senses, body and soul.

Bar ab 8. Diskodiskodisko ab 10.