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Crack Bellmer - Internationalicious!

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Dilo ( Igloo Records, Argentina )

Hailing from Buenos Aires, and currently rooted in his temporary home of choice, Berlin, two of the craziest and most vibrant music cities, Dilo is known for his eclectic and exquisite taste in audio. His productions that sound like crystalline experimental techno & house are, quite simply put, some of the most marvelous releases around, and as part of the smooth sounding ice cream pop band Monotax he's done an incredible job to get electronic music lovers into live band formats again.

Regularly surfacing on various labels -- may it be on his own imprint, Igloo Records, on which Dilo manifests himself with his more special productions, he's also published music on labels as varied as Telegraph, Einmaleins, Trapez, LessIzMore, Esperanza, Adjunct, Minus, We Are, One Records, Dumb Unit, Clink, Soma, Leftroom, amongst others. And it does not stop there: now joining up with Los Angeles's oddball [a]pendics.shuffle, he creates yet another goofy identity for his output: Cascabel Gentz.

Dilo has made collaborations (specially adding his trademark vocals) to a wide range of artists including Seth Troxler, Kate Simko, Fritz & Lang, Franco Cinelli, Gurtz, Ryan Crosson, Santos Resiak, Seph, Shadi Megallaa, Pablo Denegri and more.

Dilo was remixed by artists such as Dandy Jack, (a)pendics.shuffle, Dapayk, Jay Haze, Ernesto Ferreyra, Bruno Pronsato, Franco Cinelli, From Karaoke to Stardom, Seuil, Barem, Ryan Crosson, Seph, Shadi Megallaa, Gurtz, Alejandro Mosso, Tolga Fidan, Jorge Savoretti, Soukie & Windish Marco Resman, Ed Davenport and more.

In 2009 releases his debut album "Waheira" (on his own label Igloo-Rec), including the beatport top 10 song "Waheira" and hitting the De-Bug Magazine chart at number 2.

Dilo Released in 2013 his new double album "Ethereal".

His live and dj sets have been heard in Argentina, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Romania, Belorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica & Uruguay.

Armstrong ( Big Picture, Sri Lanka )

Armstrong has been an electronic music lover since the mid 90's. His roots are from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and his base is the cutting edge and melting point Berlin.

Going to his first electronic music festival touched his mind, body and soul and gave him motivation to organize and promote his own underground parties at a secret location in his home area. He even played in 2000 at the hot Love Parade in Berlin.

‪In the following years he played on stages with much noted artists such as Milton Jackson, Jay Haze, Rampue, Uone, Baby G. Ryan Mathiesen, Dilo, Fritz Zander, Aparde, Jaytech, Antix, Beckers and more. As well he had a residency at the Electric Monday Parties at the world famous Tresor and played in well known clubs like Ritter Butzke and Chalet in Berlin. ‬

‪As always Armstrong entertains you with great electronic music and touches the soul with his magic. The taste of his sound is based on sexy, forward thinking grooves with energizing spirit, big emotion and with a cosmic flavour.‬

From the heart to your ears, for your mind, body and soul <3

odsounds ( Silk Group, Greece )

Silk group's resident Odsounds is a Greek DJ and producer based in London and big part of the Silk group project. His dynamic sets always keep an excellent deep but energetic vibe on the dancefloor.

Visuals by Trig Fardust ( trigger.ch CDV, Switzerland )

Legendary Trig Fardust ( Trigger.ch ) from Switzerland is over to decades on the run...

His list of shows and performances over the years is endless like Timewarp, Fusion, Garbicz, Nation of Gondwana Festival. On his map was as well Clubs like Tresor, Kater Holzig, Kater Blau or since 12 years now the legendary 1. of May Parties at Club der Visionäre to name a few.

He is a absolutley workaholic and he did his outstanding art for labels, companies, artists or galleries like , Jay Haze, Wareika, Elektro Baboushka, Sleep is Commercial, Jamaica Suk, Nadia Honarchian (Trigger.ch), Bruno Bez, Atelier Stern, TranzTv, SID, Angela Malina, Matt John, Andrea Ferlin, Audioasyl.net, Stromkraft Radio, Klangwirkstoff Records, Van Nutt, Joghurt Bambata, Büro Moskau, Artemii Polishuk, Sirene Photona, Pony Hü, Kater Holzig, Tresor, Timewarp, Fusion, Nation of Gondwana, Garbicz and so much more.