17.03.2018, 22:00

Crack Bellmer - Delay Vol. 3 with Charlie [ourown]

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We present you the third instalment of Delay. This time we welcome Romanian minimal virtuoso Charlie at Crack Bellmer, who is not only signed at “ourown”, but also established himself to be one of the upcoming greats in an emerging scene. Over the last few years Charlie's name got intertwined with well known Romanian festivals Sunwaves and Mioritmic, where his regular appearances have now become indispensable. His Sets, first and foremost, are shaped by minimalistic house and the well timed usage of trenchant baselines causing an unique interplay of trippy atmospheres and uncompromising drum patterns on every dance floor. This being said, it might has become obvious that Charlie is at its best in the early mornings, where his music unfolds its whole potential.
Beyond that, the line up will be completed by Delay resident Bako.

Charlie (ourown.ro)

Bako (Delay)


We celebrate Bakos and Frankys birthday

Bar from 8 pm!