19.12.2019, 18:30

Crack Bellmer - Distinctive Clarity

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Distinctive Clarity.

Andrew Claristidge
Andrew Claristidge, originally from Grenoble, member of Acid Washed (Record Makers/Paris) and Mount Kismet (Disco Halal) is a composer, producer, Dj & live performer. He was also involved in different acclaimed projects like Sex In Dallas, Los Massieras, Strangelets… His music oscillates without any frontiers, from Techno to Pop, Ambient to Electro and Psychedelic experiments to New Wave

Distinctive Jun
Distinctive Jun is a Berlin based South Korean DJ and Producer with a sweet spot for percussive disco-rhythms and euphoric harmonies. Hosting the events „100% Funky Fresh“ and „Mister Bear“

Bar ab 8. Unverkennbar klar ab 10.