20.02.2017, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Montag auf Cräck

Flyer für: Crack Bellmer - Montag auf Cräck
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This Montag auf Cräck Italian DJs are taking over the decks. Passionate DJs and producers who are engaged in organizing techno events in Berlin with their project OECUS, are going to shake the Crack and deliver some serious vibes and heavier than usual in Crack basslines.

Lawrence Kurt
Lawrence Kurt is an Italian DJ based in Berlin, founder of the project OECUS. The passion for electronic music has grown over the years leading him into the world of production. During his performances he came into contact with the some of the most respected DJs and producers of the electronic scene. The influence of these Djs has had a strong impact on his productions which can be identified by their consistency and their combination of techno grooves and melodies.

Berlin based artist Monovsn, focuses his music on dark techno atmospheres, as well as experimental drones, always trying to report natural and complex feelings in his tracks. His sets combine elements of ambient and techno. He's also member of the OECUS project established in Berlin 2016.

Bar ab acht!
Free entry, 1 euro for DJ.