20.08.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Bellmeria

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Rhythmische Houseschweifungen mit

Katy De Jesus

With a true ear for rhythm, Katy’s sets focus on driving, hypnotic beats spliced with tripped out samples and the occasional rave classic. Her lazerlike command of the turntables guides the dancefloor through a captivating & seamless journey.

allnightlong b2b

Marie Midori

In her late 20s, Marie Midori was self-diagnosed with a manic compulsion for collecting tracks with that certain indefinable something.
Dedicated to both educate and entertain, she blends together various genres within House and Techno to one overall picture of grooving basslines, tripping melodies and odd vocals, leaving the audience somewhere between astonishment and the urge to rave.

Bar ab 8. Hüftschwung ab 10.