23.03.2020, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Ritmo666

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Ritmo666 is a Podcast and Radio-show aiming to connect european and south american House and Techno music, focused in spanish-speaking migrants in Berlin. In our episodes you can find artists recomendations, Berlin events program and new artists from South America to discover.
Once in a while we meet around music and friendship, we bring djs to the dancefloor and talk around music with our listeners, we make party!
This time we meet at Crack Bellmer with an important Dj and producer from Chile, based in London DJ Raff (Pirotecnia Records), starting the evening; BFAM, as a local support artist and our hosts at the radio"

Line up:

- Dj Raff
- Ritmo djs

Bar ab 8. 666 ab 10.